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Electrical Installation

Looking for reliable and professional electrical services? Look no further than Cooper Electric! Our team of licensed and certified electricians are here to provide you with the best electrical solutions for your property. We are committed to providing our clients with affordable electrician services without sacrificing quality. Whether you need a new outlet installed or a light fixture replaced, our electricians can handle it all. 


Electrical Monthly Maintenance

Our technicians will ensure every electrical component in your house is operating correctly. By having us come out to your home regularly, we can fix small problems before they become expensive repairs and life-threatening hazards. We will ensure your electrical panel has the correct amperage for your power needs, and if it needs to be upgraded, we’ll suggest an electrical service upgrade.

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Residential Panel Changes

At  Cooper Electric Our electrical panel installers will come out to your home, thoroughly inspect your existing electrical panel, and make suggestions regarding an electrical panel installation to replace your existing setup. Before upgrading electrical panels, our professional electricians ensure that customers know what the installation and replacement will entail.


Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects

At Cooper Electric,  we provide electrical improvements for your tenants occupying any commercial property in the Lower Mainland. Electrical improvements are important to keep your tenants safe and happy. Our teams of electrical contractors are experts at ensuring your property is up to date and are ready to provide reliable, affordable, and quality workmanship for all of your tenant improvements.

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